NIEAseal-2014-Finalist-VSMCoverphotoWelcome to the website of author Eileen Duggan. Eileen’s book An Oldish Guide to Wealth is now available. The heart-warming story of Clare Kiteen’s extraordinary relationship with her grandmother, Granny Ellie. This is a book of wisdom – the wisdom an old woman who knows what life is all about. Granny Ellie is ninety-three years old; she has a lifetime of experience to share with her granddaughter.

Find out what really matters in life as Granny Ellie shares her insights into growing up. Discover what Granny has to say about love, feelings, hope, generosity, good manners and kindness.
Dip in and out of the book and appreciate the delicate issues that are exposed in an honest, endearing and human way. Granny Ellie could be everyone’s grandmother; it doesn’t matter if she’s the one you had or the one you didn’t have – she’s everyone’s granny now!

To purchase An Oldish Guide to Wealth (€15 +€2 postage) click below:

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